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Bulldog Alumni

The Bulldog Alumni Association serves to connect us through our common bond as former Bulldogs. We accomplish this by:

  • Providing communication and resource sharing with past and current students.
  • Coordinating activities for recognition and honors during homecoming.
  • Keeping alumni involved and vested in the school's future through awareness of issues and activities that may affect the students and financial security of our alma mater
  • Encouraging members to recognize and value the importance of sharing our rich history with current Bulldogs
  • Supporting the University Lab School Foundation Endowment Fund through donations or gifts to honor or memorialize past graduates and staff

Honoring Alumni & Retired Faculty

As part of the homecoming festivities, the Foundation and Alumni Association honors alumni and faculty from decades past. Every year, nominations come from all graduating classes ending with the number that corresponds to the current year; for example, because it's 2016, nominations this year will come from graduates whose graduation year ends in six. If you know an outstanding Bulldog graduate, please submit your nomination via e-mail at, or standard mail to Foundation Homecoming Honors, P. O. Box 336785, Greeley, CO 80633.

Congratulations to all the alumni and faculty who were honored at Homecoming 2016. We encourage you to see their biographies and read about the achievements of these distinguished honorees.

2016 Honorees

  • Janet Glidden Jerome (1956)
  • Dorothy Baca Ruzyla (1956)
  • Beverly Brown Alles (1966)
  • Kristie Gates Ewig (1966)  
  • Sharon Schweers Eberhard (1976)    
  • Dr. Dennis Jelden (1976)
  • Brennan Reinert (1976)    
  • Elaine Flores Reinert (1976)
  • J. D. Broderius (1986)
  • Henry Byerly (1986)    
  • Dena Mazurana Keenan (1986)    
  • Tracy Rothe (1986)
  • Thomas Andrew Cullison (1996)    
  • Dr. Kami Wimmer Marr (1996)
  • Dr. Ryan Mayeda (1996)
  • Dr. Jared Olson (1996)    
  • Dr. Leah Nagel (2006)
  • A. J. Roche (2006)
  • Matthew VanDriel (2006)

2016 Faculty Honorees

  • Dr. Bruce Broderius (1966-1996)
  • Annie Mullins (2000–2014)
  • Ruth Thrun (1984–2000)

Alumni Database

We hope you’ll help us in the development of our comprehensive alumni database of all graduates from 1935 through the current graduating class. We invite you to get involved by sharing your contact information as well as information about students from times past.