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We know that education is a team process and that schools and parents must work closely to provide our students with the best possible educational environment. Together we can give every student the chance to make the most of their educational experience.

A Message From Our Principal

As we wrap up our time with your children this month, I know your time with your kids is ramping up. I hope that this idea brings more happiness than anxiousness, more expectations than perspiration, and more possibilities than roadblocks.

With my own children being off from school soon, I have to admit I have all of the above, plus a few. I plan to chase them like a shark in the pool, eat as much ice cream as my wife will allow me to have and read them to sleep at least a few times a month.

We all want the best for our kids and we want to give them experiences to broaden their horizons. Maybe for you and your child that is time off to travel, a summer program in the park, coming to University Schools’ STEM or Reading/Math camp or like the majority of us, a summer reading program through University Schools and the Farr Library.

Whatever you decide to pursue this summer, I wish for you the same things I wish for my kids and myself: a summer that is productive yet restful. I want them to be inspired by the stars yet content enough to just lie and look up at them. I want them to be explorers of challenging books, creepy, crawly bugs, and new menu items. All of these things help them grow and define who they are and what they are becoming. 

So, here is what I ask of you this May:

  • Join us for their final events this year, whatever they may be. 
  • Be their biggest fan as they run and jump and splash at field day. 
  • Be of support where you can during end of year field trips.
  • Advocate for them during our class placement process for 2018-19.
  • Keep pushing them as we still have lots to learn this month.
  • Stay involved this summer in their learning, however that looks for your family.
  • Come back next year renewed with stories and experiences that will make us all better.

I can’t wait to meet up again next year and be inspired by your kids all over again.

    Mike Mazurana

    Mike Mazurana, Principal

    Elementary News

    Do you have a child that you would like to attend University Schools? An enrollment application must be on file with our school for consideration in the lottery drawings. If you are not certain if an application is on file for your child, feel free to check by calling us at (970) 576-3900. We draw sibling applications first. Please ensure our office staff is aware your child is a sibling of a current University student, if that is the case. Drawings begin in January (for the next school year) and end in mid-September (after the school year has begun). If your child’s name is drawn, we will contact you by calling the contact number on file.