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Fine Arts

We believe in developing the creative mind as much as the academic. As such, students at University Schools have the opportunity to participate in music and fine arts programs. From music classes in elementary to learning to play a musical instrument to developing vocal instrumentation skills, University Schools helps to develop the whole child.

We recognize and appreciate your support in our music programs. Every little bit you give matters.

Elementary Music Program

Students learn the fundamentals of music as they engage in singing and games and gain exposure to a variety of musical instruments. Elementary students learn a variety of fun songs as they celebrate holidays and share their talents through performances held throughout the year.

Elementary Art Classes

We offer summer art enrichment classes through the PAWS program. 

Middle and High School Band

High school and middle school students at University Schools may participate in band beginning in the 6th grade. Practice plays an important role when students embark upon this stage of their musical education. We rely on you, the parents, to direct and guide them in their endeavors. We recognize and appreciate your support. Every little bit you do matters!

Pep Band

Pep Band is an extension of our Concert Band program. We meet once a week for a 30-minute rehearsal during football and basketball seasons. Students who participate in the pep band perform at home football and select basketball games as well as school assemblies. We require all 9th grade band students to participate in the Pep Band.

Middle School/High School Choir

Students in grades 6–12 may participate in choir without audition and are encouraged to join regardless of experience or ability level. Incoming freshmen and high school ladies new to choir should register for Women's Choir. Students learn about leadership, community, service, and expression through singing and performing together in a nurturing environment. They grow as musicians by studying the theory and history of music while experiencing a wide variety of musical styles from many eras and cultures. Choir offers many performance opportunities throughout the year in the school and community.

The Arts

Students participate in a variety of courses designed to encourage and support creativity through a variety of mediums. We offer: art, ceramics, drawing and painting, comics, and printmaking and book arts.

Theatre Arts

We open the world of the theatre arts to our students as they learn new acting styles and perform in and develop plays and programs. Students also learn to create sets and costumes, utilizing all talents, whatever they may be.

Contact Information

Mrs. Kettlewell
Middle and High School Music
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Mr. Aguirre
Elementary Music Program
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Mrs. Wilhelm
Theatre Arts
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Ms. Martinez
Middle School and High School Choir
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