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Established for the purpose of looking out for the financial well-being of this fine educational institution, the University Laboratory School Foundation, in conjunction with our Bulldog family, has recruited support with pledges totaling more than half a million dollars to date. Your financial assistance helps to fill the gap not fully covered by state and district funding. ALL Foundation donations are tax-deductible and will go directly to school projects (including furnishing the buildings, exterior landscaping, and development of athletic fields).

Ways to Contribute

Our beautiful campus is the result of many people pushing up their sleeves and working hard to continue a century-old tradition of excellence in education. Our work is ongoing, and together we will continue to meet the ever-evolving educational needs and financial demands of our students and school. We thank each of you for the role you play in getting the job done. 

Here are just a few ways you can contribute:

  • Bulldog Endowment Fund: Please consider the Bulldog Endowment Fund for your end-of-year charitable giving. We accept gifts of cash, stocks, or property.
  • Join the Alumni Association: The Foundation works closely with the combined College High/University High Alumni Association. If you are, or know, a graduate who would like to become involved in the association, please visit our Alumni page for more information.
  • Buy a Brick: A fun and easy way to give back to your school is to buy a brick. Your personalized, engraved dedication placed in the area surrounding the stadium, will be memorialized for years to come.
  • Internet Searches: Use GoodSearch for all your Internet searches. The University Schools Foundation earns a penny every time you use GoodSearch! Just enter University Schools Foundation (Greeley - CO) as the organization you want to support.

Important Information

The gala is on April 20, 2018. If you are interested in being on the silent auction committee, please let Shannon Ceccoli know at We are looking for 90 - 100 items for the silent auction that will be at the gala, as well as online. 

We are also looking for a decoration committee for the gala. Please let Shannon know if you are interested.

The price for the gala is $75.00 ($25.00 is the cost of dinner, and $50.00 is for a cash raffle.) Bricks are always for sale. You can buy a brick with your names on it (kids or family) for $75.00, and this makes a great Christmas gift. You can find forms in the office at the high school and elementary school. 

We would love to have corporate sponsorships for the new CNG bus. We need $75,000.00, which multiple donors can split.

As always, you can donate using our PayPal link.

Foundation Board Members

Derrick Anderson
Board Member

Judith Baptiste
Board Member

Shannon Ceccoli
Development Director

Dr. Sherry Gerner
School Director

Christopher Hughes

Don Janklow

Paul Knapp
Board Member

Donna Lakin
Board Member

Jeanne Lipman

Ryan Mayeda
Board Member

Tom Roche
Honorary Board Member

Tina Whitcomb
Secretary, BOG Representative