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University Schools

School and Community

Located in Greeley, Colorado, University Schools is fifty miles north of the metropolitan Denver area and twenty miles east of the Rocky Mountains. It is an agricultural community with light industry and a major Colorado university. The city has a population of nearly 90,000 in a county of 220,000 people.

University SchoolsUniversity Schools is a public charter school in Greeley School District 6. The tradition of developing better ways to teach our children is at the heart of University Schools. University Schools has been a leader in education for more than a century. Innovative, experimental, pioneering, model, research, and creative are words that have been associated with University Schools for the past 120 years. The kindergarten through 12th grade school promotes a student-centered learning program. University Schools' students develop personal and academic plans, portfolios, and community service projects. With their advisors' assistance they seek internships and other special activities in the community. Students learn amidst a supportive community of peers, faculty and parents.

The charter school framework allows University Schools to continue to be an economically stable and academically thriving learning center that develops curricula and teaching methodologies guided by Colorado Academic standards.

Pillars of our Community

  • K-12 community focused school
  • Self-directed, student centered community
  • High academic standards and expectations for personal responsibility
  • Supportive, nurturing environment
  • Small class size


Transitional Colorado Assessment Program (TCAP)


Colorado schools are accountable for student achievement over time. The Colorado Growth Model examines how much students learn every year by comparing a student's TCAP performance over the years to other Colorado students in the same grade who had similar scores in past years. This creates an academic growth percentile that gives parents an explanation of their child's learning. For example, a student in the 60th growth percentile is progressing as well as or better than 60 percent of Colorado students with the same achievement history. The growth model also includes post-secondary readiness indicators such as ACT scores and graduation rates.

To view the data for University School, click the link to SchoolVIEW and select the Colorado Growth Model or School Performance links. University Schools can be found as a part of Greeley/Evans School District 6.

Accreditation Report

Accreditation is Colorado's primary accountability system, incorporating achievement levels, academic growth, achievement gaps, post-secondary readiness, improvement planning, and compliance. The state accredits districts; districts, in turn, accredit individual schools.


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