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Enrollment Information and Procedures

Application for Admission

University Schools' applications for enrollment shall be available in the main office or on the University Schools Internet website. Applications may be submitted at any time.

A parent/guardian shall complete and sign one application for each child in the family who is applying for enrollment at University Schools. Student applications are placed in the files according to gender and grade. Priority is given to siblings of current University Schools students and University Schools staff members’ children. Applications are drawn randomly to fill openings. Until chosen by lottery, students’ applications remain in the application files inless the parent/guardian requests removal. The applicant is responsible for updating any changes to the application including address, etc. and University Schools is not responsible for the loss of the lottery position should the applicant neglect to update the application.

Students will be required to furnish their own transportation. Eligibility for interscholastic athletics will be determined in accordance with the rules of the Colorado High School Activities Association.

Upon invitation to high school, each child will be required to complete a registration packet. Only students who have successfully completed 8th grade will be admitted. The registration packet will contain scheduling information that will require a parent/guardian signature. University High School has an "open campus" policy which means that it is not mandatory that the students remain on campus (within the grounds) during any free time.

An application may be denied based on the following criteria:

  • If it is determined that the application was submitted with misrepresentation or non-disclosure of a material fact.
  • The student has been expelled from any school district the preceding 12 months or has engaged in behavior in another school during the preceding 12 months that was detrimental to the welfare or safety of other students or of school personnel.
  • The student has been expelled at any time or is in the process of being expelled as a habitually disruptive student or for a serious violation in a school building or on school property, as provided under state law.
  • The student has graduated from twelfth grade from any school.
  • Failure to return the required registration paperwork by the date stated in the initial invitation letter.

Note: Please read the General information included with the application form. By submitting the Application for Admission you are accepting these terms.

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