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Transcripts for Colleges and Scholarships

We are sorry for the disruption our seniors (and all students) are experiencing this year. We want to continue to provide the best care possible during this period of school closure and remote learning. We understand you must meet college application deadlines, and we encourage our seniors to continue their search for a college to attend this fall.

Transcripts for Colleges:

  1. The student must first add the college in Naviance Student and request the transcript. See our Naviance Student Procedures for detailed instructions, if needed.
  2. Once the student has completed the steps in Naviance, the student will need to email the registrar, Michelle Ramirez (, and request that she submit the transcript to the college. In the email, please indicate the student's name and the college(s) for the transcript to be sent to.

Transcripts for Scholarships:

Most scholarships are fine with receiving an unofficial transcript, especially during this COVID-19 time period. Current UHS students have access to their unofficial transcript in Infinite Campus.

If, however, the scholarship is requiring an official transcript, please contact the registrar, Michelle Ramirez (, to help with that. In the email, please indicate the student's name, the scholarship name, and any contact information for the scholarship organization.

Our counselors are happy to communicate with our students and parents:
Student's last name A – J: Melissa Stapleton,
Student's last name K – Z: Hailey Swanbom,

Scholarship, Leadership, and Educational Opportunities

Melissa Stapleton, high school counselor, updates the FYI: From the High School Counselor every two weeks during the school year. This publication provides information on scholarships, leadership and educational opportunities, and college admission officer visits. Parents and students may also receive it directly through email by sending a request to Melissa at Please include “Request for FYI” in the subject line and your name in the message. The first publication of the school year will be in early September. 

Another resource which also provides this information is our high school counseling bulletin board on the hallway wall directly across from the student services door.

Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent-enrollment opportunities include fire science, EMS, and agriculture programs, as well as other courses offered by Aims. Under Concurrent enrollment, juniors and seniors may take a class and receive both high school and college credit. In addition, University Schools will pay the tuition, up to six credits per semester. This is a great way to start earning credits toward a post-secondary degree or certificate program. Concurrent-enrollment paperwork for the fall 2019 semester is due May 15, 2019, to your high school counselor.

High School Students Can Receive College Credit for Accounting

Juniors or seniors at University High School can receive three college credits at Aims Community College (ACC101) for taking accounting while in high school. Aims is offering the class, taught by University Schools faculty, on the University Schools campus during normal school hours. Students can also receive University High School math credit for the accounting course. Accounting will help those students who plan on working in a business environment, or plan on owning their own business, and helps with learning how to handle personal finances. The accounting class also exposes students to what it is like to take a college-level course. If you are interested, please sign up during the class selection days in January. Any questions, please contact JoEll Matthews.

Benefits Of Free And Reduced Lunch For High School Students

High school students can get more than financial assistance for lunch when they qualify for the free and reduced lunch program. Seniors may qualify for a waiver of their college application fees if they have been approved for the program. Students may also get a fee waiver for the ACT and SAT exams and a significant reduction in the fees for the AP exam. These are great reasons to apply for the free and reduced lunch program, even if your student does not regularly eat a school lunch.

Simply bring a copy of the approval letter to your high school counselor to receive a waiver or reduction of these fees. All information will remain confidential.

Discounted Internet

Comcast offers discounted Internet for families on the National School Lunch Program. To see if your family qualifies or for more information, visit Comcast.