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A Message From Our Principal

Happy December! This month is a time of family, friends, food, and technology. Whether it is the big game or latest movies on the big screen, Facebook, Snapchat, or Twitter on our tablets or smart phones or computer games like Minecraft and Fortnight on our PCs, many of us will be spending our vacations with technology. Like all things in life, I find that too much of anything probably isn’t healthy in the long run. 

As I watch more and more kids at restaurants, riding in cars, just sitting waiting for classes, or at a sporting event on their devices, I wonder what all this technology is doing to our youngest and still developing brains. I have come across some pretty interesting articles lately that talk about limiting technology for not only our youngest children, but all our k–12 students. In many of these articles it is recommended that kids under the age of two not have any technology at all. None. And, kids under five should only have oe hour or less a day. Finally, many experts are now saying two hours of screen time a day is all children should have as a teenager. With current levels for some ‘tweens and teens being reported at eight to 10 hours a day of screen time, it seems appropriate to start regulating our technology use as a society.

You are probably aware of the effects that technology has on lowering our activity levels and limiting some attention spans, but the over use of technology has been shown to affect most every area of our children’s lives. Some of these areas include: sleep patterns are adversely effected, less self-soothing and self-regulating abilities, less social recognition of their own and other’s emotions, aggression patterns tend to be higher, grades tend to be lower, and on and on.

This December, let’s all make a concerted effort to limit our technology use, reconnect with our families and friends while pulling out the good old-fashioned game boards, puzzles, and arts/crafts supplies for entertainment. Or, like we say almost every month, find a good paperback book and go on a tech-free adventure.  

Thanks again for attending your child’s parent teacher conferences. The research on your continued involvement in school and your child’s future success rates are well documented. For more on our holiday parties, music concerts, Giving Tree opportunities, and other school happenings, check out the school’s website and your teacher’s calendar. 

Have a wonderful holiday season, and thanks again for choosing to partner with University Schools. 

Michael Mazurana

Michael Mazurana
Elementary Principal

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    Tech IQ

    Please take a moment to review our monthly tidbits about the effects of electronics on students.

    Question: Do cell phones promote learning in the classroom? 

    Answer: One study found that the majority of students who use laptops in class for taking notes end up multitasking on non-educational material, which in turn distracts others around them. Several studies of students who use smartphones during class show, "those who texted frequently took lower quality notes, retained less information, and did worse on tests about the material." Additionally, a student survey in another study showed that 92% of students report texting during class time. On the other hand, if students are taught to use technology for learning, it can be a powerful tool.

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