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We know that education is a team process and that schools and parents must work closely to provide our students with the best possible educational environment. Together we can give every student the chance to make the most of their educational experience.

A Message From Our Principal

Dear Elementary Families,

In reflecting on what I have written in years past about testing, I really liked what I wrote last year and feel that as many ways as I could say this differently, I want to word it the same way this year, as it still rings just as true as it did last year. This April we will again be taking CMAS (Colorado Measures of Academic Success) in grades 3 through 5. For the majority of our kids, it will take around six days to complete, from April 2 through April 11. I hope this month is a time for reflection and growth for us all. Have a wonderful April and as always, thanks for choosing to be part of our school’s community.

For many years, I have put out ideas and suggestions that can help our students do and be their best come test time. I know what wonderful students and thinkers we have, and I want them to show the state what they can do. In looking over the list each year, it does seem to be just best practices in going to school every day, right? 

They tell us to get good rest each night before the tests, check. They ask that we have kids eat a healthy breakfast in order to have our brain and body functioning at maximum capacity, check. They ask us to instill in our students a willingness to persevere when things get tough and to understand that no one assessment defines us, check and check. 

So, this year I ask that you continue to do all of those things and also talk with your kids, regardless of how you feel about state testing, and reassure them they are good enough and smart enough to do well on any assessment. Make this less about the test and more about their self-importance and their abilities. Help them, like we try to do each day, to build them up and to see the power and importance they have within themselves to do great things. Be in their corner this month as their biggest cheerleader, because they are worth it no matter what they are doing! 

Below is the testing schedule for CMAS this year for elementary:


Michael Mazurana

Michael Mazurana
Elementary Principal

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    Unplugged Friendships, Go

    As an old-timer working in the technology industry, I marvel over technological advancements made over the last decade. As a mom of two teenagers, I love the ability to “check-in” on them as they are out and about. When my son became a licensed driver, he was able to discretely text me once he arrived at his destination and likewise, send me a quick text to let me know he was on his way home allowing me to set my maternal clock anticipating his safe arrival. My kiddos think I’m a bit too “plugged-in,” and maybe they are right. The birth of social media has provided us the ability to stay in touch, rekindle old relationships, participate in world-wide discussions, research like never before, plan events like a pro, and yes, even track our children. Don’t get me wrong, these advances are great; however, with the good also comes the potential for harm. There is a real psychology behind using social media to build relationships. How real are they? What can we, as parents, teachers, and mentors, do to help encourage our children to put human interactions first? With a little knowledge, I am hopeful we can equip ourselves to help steer our children and ourselves in the right direction. There is a plethora of ever-changing information available on this topic and links to suggested reading are available below followed by some tips to manage friendships in the “plugged-in” world.

    Suggested Videos/Articles:

    Plugged-In Tips:

    • If you can talk in person vs. texting, please do!
    • Use private settings wherever possible
    • Post knowing your information, even if private, is stored on a computer somewhere and may be accessible to strangers (even images used via the new, popular app called “snapchat”).  Did you know that anyone can view your tweets, no subscription needed?
    • Encourage positive posting; avoid publicly sharing personal or negative thoughts. If you wouldn’t say it to someone in person, please do not post it.
    • Stay tuned-in to your children’s social accounts. Yes, mandate friendship within facebook, subscribe to their tweets, Instagrams, Vines, etc. Even the ones they probably don’t think you know about such as “Tumblr.”
    • Stay informed by subscribing to a twitter feed about cyber safety, such as @GetCyberSafe.
    • Encourage get-togethers vs. “couch potato texting.”
    • Save a little cellular battery time, and hand write a note to a friend. They’ll love it!