University Schools

health and medical information

Medical Appointments

Parents can obtain early-dismissal slips from the front office to present to classroom teachers for release in case of medical and dental appointments. Students can obtain early dismissal slips at the middle and high-school levels with a note from a parent/guardian.

Illness at School

If a student becomes ill while in school, we will contact a parent/guardian or emergency contact to arrange for pick-up if necessary. A primary function of the health-services office is to support individual and community health in balance with prioritizing student attendance. Certain criteria defines when a student should be excluded from school. Students and parents at all levels are asked to connect with the health office in the event that a student needs to leave school for health reasons. In this way, we may be informed of individual needs, widespread illness, or safety concerns. See below for specific information for elementary and middle/high schools.


If a student becomes ill while in school, the teacher will send the student to the health office (located in student services). Parents, or an emergency contact, will be notified by the health office if there is question as to whether a child should remain at school. Our goal is to partner with parents to make decisions together if there is a question about whether the child should leave school. Please be sure to update contact information for parents and emergency contacts to ensure ease of contact as needed. 

The student must be signed out from the front office prior to leaving the building.

Middle School/High School

If a student becomes ill while in school, he/she is asked to report to the health office. The health office will notify a parent, or an emergency contact, should a student need to leave school. Again, the goal is to collaborate in determining whether a student should leave school. To best ensure the safety of the student and effective communication between  the health office and families, no student who is feeling ill or has been injured should leave school without first reporting to the health office.

The student must be signed out from the front office prior to leaving the building.


In accordance with the Department of Public Health, Environment Disease Control, Environmental Epidemiology Division, and Colorado Board of Health, all students must have on file an age-appropriate certification of immunization documenting that minimum immunization requirements have been met.

  • If an immunization is contraindicated for your student for medical, personal, or religious reasons, the applicable exemption documentation must be on file and kept current for state-reporting requirements. 
  • You may contact the Colorado Immunization Section at (303) 692.2650 if you have questions about school-required vaccines and related requirements. 
  • University Schools registration is incomplete until current and up-to-date immunization requirement documentation is on file. 
  • Please contact your physician's office to either update school records or schedule immunizations. You can also obtain immunizations at the Weld County Department of Public Health and Environment. Call (970) 304.6420 for information or to schedule an appointment.

Immunizations may be faxed in to the school: