University Schools

High School Course Catalog

University High School has developed requirements students must meet in order to receive a diploma from UHS.

Our diploma represents the best that we believe a student can achieve in terms of academics and character. We want students to possess skills that will help them perform well as adults, to acquire a clear, well-formed understanding of the world, and to have a passion for learning. We also want students to possess a sense of responsibility for others. We developed our graduation requirements with this in mind.

University High School students choose a pathway to guide them toward high school graduation. Some pathways place an emphasis on an area of strong interest. The liberal arts pathway follows a more general course of study. The goal of each pathway is to develop and graduate young people who are ready for college, careers, and citizenship. Students elect their pathway after their freshman or sophomore year.

Students select courses from this catalog during the registration process. We schedule our courses based on enrollment. To view detailed information about our curriculum and requirements, please select the appropriate catalog link(s).

Course Numbering Legend

  • 1000s—English
  • 2000s—Social Studies
  • 3000s—Mathematics
  • 4000s—Science
  • 5000s—Career & Technical Education
  • 6000s—Fine Arts
  • 7000s—World Language
  • 8000s—Wellness & Electives
  • 9000s—Interdisciplinary