University Schools

High School Curriculum

A University High School diploma represents the best a student can achieve in terms of academics and character. Students learn skills that will help them perform well as adults and develop a clear, well-formed understanding of the world and a passion for learning.

Students receive a comprehensive education, where they practice and develop a sense of responsibility for others as they hone academic and life skills. Students will participate in community service, internships, shadowing, ICAP portfolio, and senior project requirements to qualify for graduation.

Specialized Graduation Paths

Each University High School student elects a pathway toward graduation aligned to his/her areas of strong interest. The goal of each pathway is to develop and graduate young people who are ready for real world experiences—whether it is college, a trade apprenticeship, or a job.

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities help to promote a healthy lifestyle as well as a well-rounded education, and we encourage our students to participate in these activities. Extracurriculars at University Schools include the following:

  • Clubs and Activities
  • Sports Programs
  • Student Leadership


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