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Our focus at the high school is your student. Each day, our dedicated staff is working our best to provide your student the best education we can. Our high school teachers go above and beyond to ensure your student achieves academic success.

A Message From Our Principal

    High School Students and Families,

    It is hard to believe, but we are already through with the first trimester. If you have not already done a conference with your student’s advisor, please get those scheduled as soon as possible. Things are certainly moving quickly this year. We begin new trimester classes October 5. Make sure to check your student’s schedule to see what is different from first to second trimester.

    Fall sports are moving quickly as well. The softball team is doing a great job defending their title from last year. We will hold the state tournament early in October this year. Cross country is having a good year and will wrap up in early October. By the time this is sent, athletes will have also completed tennis and golf. We are excited to also get football started this fall.

    Many clubs and activities have begun meeting. Fridays are full of a variety of options for clubs, activities, and ways to connect with fellow students. Mock Trial, Speech and Debate, Knowledge Bowl, Crafting Club, FCA, GSA, FCCLA, FBLA/DECA, Key Club, Book Club, Student Leadership, Tri-M, NHS, University Singers, class officers, and Thespians are all meeting and working on plans for the school year.

    As we continue to work through our processes for both in-person and remote learning, please continue to share feedback with administrators, teachers, advisors, counselors, and office staff. This year, we have been presented with many new challenges and opportunities, and students, staff, and families have done an excellent job adapting. We know there is always room to improve. We have begun sending a form to students each Friday for checking in and giving feedback. Please continue to fill that out each week.

    Student leadership has worked to find ways to celebrate this school year and continues to work on making this a good school year. They did a great job starting the school year with freshman orientation, hall decorations, and working on plans for spirit week and other ways to build positive school spirit. Their energy and positivity are an inspiration!

    Sources of Strength (our strength-based suicide prevention program) is doing training for adults and students to continue to support a positive school culture for all students. Many of our staff and students are committed to finding ways to connect students with positive supports through all of the challenges this school year brings.  Please look for opportunities to engage with them in that work.

    Despite all of the limitations, you can see that high school remains an active and busy time for students and staff. We have a wonderful group of students (from amazing families) and an incredible staff. It is our pleasure to work with each of them. Thank you for partnering with us in your student's education, and please let us know how we can continue to be more and more excellent in what we do together.

    It is good to be a Bulldog!


        Jeff Casey

        Jeff Casey
        High School Principal

        High School News
        Encourage Healthy Drink Choices

        As parents and caregivers alike, we are often faced with hard decisions regarding what to give our children - to help hydrate them and to keep them healthy. With many sports and juice drinks on the market today, the choices can be overwhelming at times.

        Popular kids’ drinks advertise anything from added vitamin C and vitamin D to added antioxidants. The brightly colored juice boxes and packages display our kids’ favorite cartoon character or sports figure enticing them to pick the fun and exciting drink as opposed to the healthier more ‘boring’ options of 100% fruit juice, milk, and water.

        Although healthier than other alternatives such as soda and other popular drinks, fruit juices and other sports drinks also contain a high amount of sugar. Is it wrong to let your child indulge in one of these drinks from time to time? Probably not, but on a regular basis these drinks affect the overall health of the child.

        According to Anne Kolker, a registered dietitian, sport drinks have as much as 13 teaspoons of added sugar. It is important to look at the serving size on the nutrition label. The label might read that a beverage bottle contains 80 calories, however, it is important to double check the label. For example, if the serving size states 2.5 servings, you must figure out the math. In this case, the 80-calorie beverage contains 200 calories. Not all fruit juice is created equal. Most do provide 100% juice, but be careful of how it is marketed. Some juice drinks may look like regular juice and advertise 100% vitamin C; however one of the main ingredients is high fructose corn syrup.

        How can we encourage our children to make healthier drink choices? We can make water, juice, and milk fun and exciting. Water is more tempting when it is chilled and has some fruit added to it. Juice is a favorite and can be frozen to make ice pops. Milk can be added to your child’s favorite healthy cereal or mixed with fruit or light chocolate syrup.

        As parents, the best way to help our children make healthier drink choices is to set a good example by making healthier drink choices ourselves.

        Why Read Aloud?

        Your child is a fluent reader, reading at grade level or better. Or maybe she is a teenager, resistant to reading or reading well on her own. So why should you continue to read aloud to your child? The reasons are endless!

        According to Education World, children are never too old to listen to a read-aloud. It helps children develop their vocabulary and introduces them to higher-level text.

        Jim Trelease, renowned author of The Read-Aloud Handbook and read-aloud expert, compares reading aloud to McDonald’s. The international food chain continues to advertise its product year after year, continually promoting its product. Reading aloud to children promotes reading. Cutting back on that “advertising” gives children the notion that reading is not as important as it was when they were younger. His website offers downloadable read-alouds and more information about the importance of reading aloud.

        Reading aloud to your child

        • offers an opportunity to wind down together and enjoy a good story,
        • opens the lines of communication,
        • allows you the opportunity to know what your child is reading,
        • helps build your child’s vocabulary because your child can experience text above her reading level, and
        • models fluent reading for your child, a necessity if she is to grow as a reader.

        Read Aloud America offers a list of recommended books to read aloud with your child, whether she is an infant or a high school senior. We hope you will give your child the fabulous gift of reading aloud—no matter her age or reading level!