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Our focus at the high school is your student. Each day, our dedicated staff is working our best to provide your student the best education we can. Our high school teachers go above and beyond to ensure your student achieves academic success.

A Message From Our Principal

    Dear High School Families,

    Happy November!  

    The trimester is about to end, and I am hopeful you all had a successful trimester and good conferences with your advisors. Please feel free to contact any of the teachers directly if you have any questions or concerns regarding your student’s classes.

    We have an incredible group of counselors, nurse, and staff in our student services office, as well as so many caring staff members and teachers throughout the building. If you know of a student who is struggling in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact us and get support for that student. High school can be stressful at times, and we want to help students to have the tools to make it through their struggles.

    Fall sports teams are winding down their seasons with playoffs and final competitions. We are proud of these students for all their hard work in representing our school well!

    Please continue to pay attention to the FYI communications from Melissa Stapleton. We are into the season of college visits, scholarship applications, and financial aid information. There are many opportunities for students over these next few months that can help them in their plans for next year.

    It is great to be a Bulldog! I am proud of our community of students, staff, and families. Please let us know if there are ways that we can communicate well with you about upcoming events, opportunities, or updates about what is going on here at the school. As always, you are welcome to come visit, call, or email with any feedback you may have. This is a great place, and we are always interested in hearing about ways we can make it even better. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday this month, and thanks for sending your students to University High School! 

    (You can find staff emails and phone numbers on our website on the High School Directory page.)


    Jeff Casey

    Jeff Casey
    High School Principal

    High School News
    Taming After-School Starvation

    “Mom, I’m starving!” Is this what you hear every afternoon as soon as your child gets into the car or walks in the door? You begin to wonder if your child is eating all of his or her lunch or if the food is going straight down to the feet!

    Knowing your child’s schedule will help you understand the source of that extreme hunger—especially if lunch is set at 10:30 a.m.! There are still afternoon classes and possibly recess before there will be another opportunity to eat. Some children may even have an after-school activity that keeps them busy until 4:00 p.m. or later.

    Here a few tips for satisfying their hunger:

    • If you pick up your child from school, take a snack along for the ride home.
    • If your child rides the bus, have a designated place—maybe the kitchen table or island—with an after-school snack waiting.
    • For children with an after-school activity, pack an extra snack with their lunch.
    • Place a homemade fruit or vegetable tray on the table while you are preparing dinner.

    Remember to choose snacks that are low in sugar, fat, and salt. Be creative. Fruit and cheese kabobs, yogurt pops, and smoothies are all wonderful, healthy ideas. and are great resources for healthy snacks.

    Let your child be involved in choosing which snacks he or she will like best. Plan and prepare together for some extra bonding time. Experiment and discover what works best for your family. By planning ahead, you can tame that starving monster into a person that you’ll recognize as your child!  

    Helping Boys Learn to Love Reading

    Boys and books don’t always go together. Perhaps it’s because a boy can’t shoot hoops with a book or score a touchdown with one under his arm; hence, finding the right book to spark your son’s interest can be a challenge. Here are a few suggestions that might help:

    • Take him to the library or book store, or talk to his teacher about books that will interest him.
    • James Patterson’s ReadKiddoRead is a good resource with a list of books that appeal to boys (and girls).
    • Find a magazine in his area of interest. If he responds well to it, consider getting a subscription.
    • Can’t get him away from the computer? Creative Teaching suggests finding a computer or video game that requires a good amount of reading. Search for some online, or visit your local gaming store.

    While reading may be structured in the classroom, allowing him to choose his own material at home will bring him a step closer to enjoying it. According to Reading Rockets, it’s okay to suggest something, but ultimately, allow it to be his choice after first making sure the material is appropriate for his age. With your encouragement, your son could discover whole new worlds contained within the pages of a book.