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Our focus at the high school is your student. Each day, our dedicated staff is working our best to provide your student the best education we can. Our high school teachers go above and beyond to ensure your student achieves academic success.

A Message From Our Principal

    High School students and families,

    Happy May to our high school Bulldogs!

    May is a busy time in the high school, and it is great to be able to have all of the events and celebrations planned for this month. Please continue to watch emails for details of events.

    We are excited that May will bring back baseball, track, and girls tennis, all of which lost their entire seasons last year. Please come support your student athletes as they compete in May and June this year. The school year wraps up in May with seniors’ last day on May 20 and the last in-person day for all high school students on May 27.

    May 3 - Academic Awards
    We will be posting these as a virtual presentation again this year. As we finish up the school year, we want to make sure to recognize the incredible academic achievements of our students. Especially with all of the challenges of this particular school year, many students have worked hard to continue to achieve excellence in their academics. Before the pandemic started, we were working on better ways to celebrate academic achievement as our attendance at the awards ceremony had been steadily declining for some time. Please don't interpret the awards being virtual as a dismissal of the importance of these achievements. We just need to find a new and better way to honor academic award winners moving forward. For this year, we will be sending out a link to a presentation with all award winners.

    May 15 - Prom
    The junior class officers and Mrs. Pollard and Miss Wilhelm have continued to work hard on plans for prom. Please continue to watch emails for ticket information and other event details. Mrs. Weaver and I made the decision to use testing as our primary COVID precaution for this event in lieu of other measures. We continue to try to balance safety measures with providing experiences for students. By testing ahead of the event, requiring masks and holding it outdoors, we are able to allow students to attend without dividing them into smaller cohorts, allow out of school guests, and allow dancing (without social distancing). Even though dancing is considered a high risk activity, we feel that the testing allows us to have relative confidence that we will be mitigating the safety risks of a more normal event. Please stay tuned for details about testing at the school on the Friday before prom. (As an aside, I am a father of daughters, and I would prefer social distancing at all dances forever. It seems the students do not agree!)

    As we approach prom, the fact that we will be testing all prom attendees brings a bit higher probability of quarantines. If someone does test positive in the prom screening, it would require the quarantine of any close contacts for the two days prior to the test. If your student prefers to do classes online for the two to three days leading up to the testing event, please make sure to contact the office and let us know.

    May 28 - Graduation
    Graduation will be on the football field in the stadium again this year. We are scheduled for 6:00 p.m. that evening. If we have to cancel for weather, we will hold it the next morning at 9:00 a.m. Each graduate will be allowed six guests, and the ceremony will be livestreamed on the school website. At the ceremony we will wear masks and practice social distancing. Graduation practice will be on the same day at 1:00 p.m.

    Thanks for being Bulldogs!


        Jeff Casey

        Jeff Casey
        High School Principal

        High School News
        Parent Volunteers

        “The ultimate expression of generosity is not in giving of what you have, but in giving of who you are.”
        ~Johnnetta B. Cole

        It is tough for working parents to cram volunteer work into an already packed schedule. While volunteering used to be just a nice way to get to know your child’s teacher and classmates, now it has become a lot more. Schools need parent volunteers more than ever, as they play a growing role in saving programs and staff that generate enough cash to help salvage them. Having adults and parents present at school goes way beyond raising money for extracurricular activities and after-school programs; it also helps children develop into healthy, confident adults. 

        Some schools manage to turn out successful students despite a lack of resources. Community and parent support is one big reason. Even at schools with only one teacher and a handful of children, the presence of parents and neighbors not only enriches the teaching but helps kids develop self-esteem and the ability to form strong relationships with adults.

        Volunteers’ growing role in education raises the discussion that all parents should try to figure out a way to contribute. There are a myriad of ways to do so: field trips, parties, working in the school’s copy center or library, helping with the teacher’s paperwork at home, reading or math tutoring in the classroom or in an “after-school program” are just a few.

        Take advantage of various volunteer opportunities for and with your children. Below are more resources to get the creative juices flowing: