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Our focus at the high school is your student. Each day, our dedicated staff is working our best to provide your student the best education we can. Our high school teachers go above and beyond to ensure your student achieves academic success.

A Message From Our Principal

    High School students and families,

    Happy May to our high school Bulldogs!

    May is a busy time in the high school, and it is great to be able to have all of the events and celebrations planned for this month. Please continue to watch emails for details of events.

    We are excited that May will bring back baseball, track, and girls tennis, all of which lost their entire seasons last year. Please come support your student athletes as they compete in May and June this year. The school year wraps up in May with seniors’ last day on May 20 and the last in-person day for all high school students on May 27.

    May 3 - Academic Awards
    We will be posting these as a virtual presentation again this year. As we finish up the school year, we want to make sure to recognize the incredible academic achievements of our students. Especially with all of the challenges of this particular school year, many students have worked hard to continue to achieve excellence in their academics. Before the pandemic started, we were working on better ways to celebrate academic achievement as our attendance at the awards ceremony had been steadily declining for some time. Please don't interpret the awards being virtual as a dismissal of the importance of these achievements. We just need to find a new and better way to honor academic award winners moving forward. For this year, we will be sending out a link to a presentation with all award winners.

    May 15 - Prom
    The junior class officers and Mrs. Pollard and Miss Wilhelm have continued to work hard on plans for prom. Please continue to watch emails for ticket information and other event details. Mrs. Weaver and I made the decision to use testing as our primary COVID precaution for this event in lieu of other measures. We continue to try to balance safety measures with providing experiences for students. By testing ahead of the event, requiring masks and holding it outdoors, we are able to allow students to attend without dividing them into smaller cohorts, allow out of school guests, and allow dancing (without social distancing). Even though dancing is considered a high risk activity, we feel that the testing allows us to have relative confidence that we will be mitigating the safety risks of a more normal event. Please stay tuned for details about testing at the school on the Friday before prom. (As an aside, I am a father of daughters, and I would prefer social distancing at all dances forever. It seems the students do not agree!)

    As we approach prom, the fact that we will be testing all prom attendees brings a bit higher probability of quarantines. If someone does test positive in the prom screening, it would require the quarantine of any close contacts for the two days prior to the test. If your student prefers to do classes online for the two to three days leading up to the testing event, please make sure to contact the office and let us know.

    May 28 - Graduation
    Graduation will be on the football field in the stadium again this year. We are scheduled for 6:00 p.m. that evening. If we have to cancel for weather, we will hold it the next morning at 9:00 a.m. Each graduate will be allowed six guests, and the ceremony will be livestreamed on the school website. At the ceremony we will wear masks and practice social distancing. Graduation practice will be on the same day at 1:00 p.m.

    Thanks for being Bulldogs!


        Jeff Casey

        Jeff Casey
        High School Principal

        High School News
        Helicopter Parenting - Right or Wrong?

        What comes to mind when you hear the term “helicopter parent”? Do you think of yourself? Or do you have friends and acquaintances that come to mind? Webster’s dictionary defines the term, helicopter parent, as “a parent who is overly involved in the life of his or her child.” Some of you might think this is a fairly new term, as it seems to be gaining more and more attention these days. According to Wikipedia, however, the term may have been first used as early as 1969 in a book titled Between Parent & Teenager, written by Dr. Haim Ginott.

        As parents, we are all just trying to do the very best we can each and every day. Over the years, however, it seems that more and more parents are trying to make things absolutely perfect for their children. This could mean signing them up for every activity that comes along or taking care of everything in their daily lives for them. While these children and young adults may, without a doubt, have a great life, what is the cost? Do your children know how to problem solve and make decisions on their own? Are they able to perform basic tasks such as making their bed or cleaning their room independently? The problem is that there are many kids who do not feel capable of performing even the most basic tasks on their own because they’ve either never been asked to or have never been taught to. These things have just been taken care of for them.

        It often starts as small things that we know will help make our children’s day that much better. Then before we know it, our children are preparing for college without many of the basic skills, domestic and educational, to function without us standing there at every turn. This can even continue to be a detriment to our children as they head out into the workforce, preparing for life on their own. There was an excellent article printed in the USA Today regarding this very topic. Feel free to read more about the implications of helicopter parenting in this USA Today news article.

        There is an abundance of information available at our fingertips on this subject. Whether you feel strongly for this style of parenting or you are against it, here are a couple of other resources you can read to help you begin to make the choice or changes in your household: