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Our focus at the high school is your student. Each day, our dedicated staff is working our best to provide your student the best education we can. Our high school teachers go above and beyond to ensure your student achieves academic success.

A Message From Our Principal

    High school students and families,

    Thank you for all your hard work this year as we have been back and forth between online and in-person learning. It has been a learning experience for sure!

    As we work to do remote learning well and look forward to transitioning back to being in-person, please keep an eye on your emails, and don't hesitate to call or email if you have questions or need support.

    Keep an eye out for schedules for the gradual start of in-person activities and continued updates for when and how we will return to school in January. Also, if your student needs technical support, visit our News page for more information.

    During this time, we are also working to help find ways to decrease the isolation of this time. With so many staying home, wearing masks, and limiting social interactions, it can be a particularly isolating time. Sources of strength, student leadership, student aides, advisors and teachers, counselors, administrators, office staff, and other student groups are all working to reach out to students. Please encourage your student to engage with others either as someone receiving that outreach or as another person reaching out to others. Every year the holidays are difficult for some students. This year we want to pay particular attention to supporting one another.

    Congratulations to our football team for completing an excellent season. They played well and narrowly missed a chance to play in the playoffs this season. Band, cheer, and dance also did a great job performing at games this year. We have so many talented, dedicated, and hard-working students to be proud of. We still have speech and debate and knowledge bowl students competing virtually and representing our school well!

    Thank you for supporting our teachers and staff during these times as well. Teachers, counselors, and office staff work extremely hard to serve students to the best of their ability during this year. Any chance you get to send them a note of thanks or encouragement is greatly appreciated. It is a privilege to work with such an amazing group of professionals.

    Happy holidays! Be safe and enjoy family time together!


        Jeff Casey

        Jeff Casey
        High School Principal

        High School News
        Computer Programming for Kids

        Are your kids spending too much time playing mindless computer games? Encourage them to use their minds and write their own computer games instead. Of course, they probably won’t be cranking out a competitor to “Angry Birds” right away, but that doesn’t mean kids won’t love to write programs. Just because they can’t play basketball like Michael Jordon doesn’t stop them from loving to play basketball. Computer programming is powerful and fun, and kids don’t need to become professional programmers to learn from the activity. Computer programming teaches kids problem solving, logical (computational) thinking, and determination, and it fosters creativity. The best part is you don’t have to know anything about computer programming to get your kids started. You simply head to the Internet for the software of your choice.

        Scratch (a programming language developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and supported by the National Science Foundation) is a free, fun, visual, programming language for kids from third grade on up. They can create games, interactive stories, animations, music, and art. They simply drag and drop the code blocks onto the programming area, and then they can instantly see the result. The different commands snap together. This avoids all the frustrating syntax errors of typing computer code while keeping all the mind expanding experiences of computer programming. You can view this short video to see what Scratch can do.

        Kodu (sponsored by Microsoft Research FuseLabs) is another free visual programming language for kids. It has a very specific video game focus. Kids begin with their own story and develop the characters, worlds, and actions to tell their story as a video game. In Kodu, the programming code is icon based. Kodu, which is Windows based, also has an Xbox 360 version available for a fee of 400 Points (about $5).

        Ladybug Mazes
        Ladybug Mazes (part of a Utah State University collection of interactive math manipulatives) introduces the concept of computer programming to kids as young as kindergarten. Kids make a plan for the ladybug to follow by choosing step blocks and turn blocks, which appear at the bottom of the screen. When they click the play button, the ladybug follows the command blocks they have chosen. Most kindergarteners need help getting started, but they generally catch on quickly.  Kids can play Ladybug Mazes online for free.

        Programming software designed for kids is a great way to move your student from game player to game designer, from consumer to producer. Try one today; you will be glad you did.