University Schools

Schedule Your Labs

The demand for technology lab use at University Schools is high. In order to make the labs available when they are not being used for regular classes, teachers need to sign up for their use. This online scheduler will reserve your requested lab and show usage and available times.

Currently the High School/Elementary labs included in online scheduling are the Bond lab, five Chrome labs, and one PC Mobile lab. In the Middle School, you can schedule the main computer labs and two Chrome labs.

To view a lab schedule, select the respective lab link. The calendar will then display on the page. Examine the calendar(s) and determine if the desired time slot is open.

To schedule a lab, click the building link below and follow the prompts:

  1. Select the scheduler form link, and complete the displayed form.
  2. Using the drop down menu, select the lab you are requesting.
  3. Determine the block, date, and time you need the lab.

NOTE: Please contact Cora Halmo if you wish to use the Watson Lab. It is primarily reserved for elementary classes and is not included in online scheduling.