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Our school exists to help sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students grow academically, socially, and emotionally in preparation for high school, college, and life beyond.

A Message From Our Principal

Dear Bulldog Families,

The fall season has arrived, whether we wanted it to or not. It has been a good start to the year for University Middle School. Our students have done a great job being active in our school and school community with the variety of activities here at school. Our teachers have been working especially hard to grow in their professional teaching. We are currently training teachers to build professional learning communities (PLCs) in our school. PLCs are a group of educators that meet regularly, share expertise, and work collaboratively to improve teaching skills and the academic performance of students. With this new adventure of PLCs, two of our school goals this year are writing effective objectives to guide student learning and giving effective feedback to students. Teachers have been very encouraged by the PLCs to this point and are excited to apply new techniques to help our students be successful. 

With most conferences completed for semester one, I wanted to talk about our retention policy. Students have to pass all five of our core classes with at least 60% or higher for semesters one and two. Core classes include math, language arts, STEM, science, and social studies. We will average the percentages of semesters one and two at the end of the year to see if your child passed. If they do not, they will have to attend summer school at University Middle School. If summer school is not taken, then we will retain the student in the same grade. Please make sure if your child is struggling you are in contact with teachers. Some parents have the feeling of “you (parent & child) vs us”. Our belief is that this is a team approach and it will take all of us working side-by-side to make your child a success. 

I would like to recognize all of our students who have been busy participating in all of the fall activities. Congratulations to all of our students who participated in a very successful choir and band concert. All of our athletic teams worked hard, each with successful seasons. Thanks to all our teachers, coaches, and parents for all the time and effort they put in to help our kids. From everyone here at University Middle School, we would like to wish you a happy and safe Thanksgiving!


Nick Kintz

Nick Kintz
Middle School Principal

Middle School News
Web Leaders

Web Leaders pose together on stairsThe WEB Leaders are a group of 8th-grade students who showed leadership skills and tendencies in 7th grade. They had to fill out an application and go through two rounds of training. One training happened near the end of last year and the other one, which was actually two days, happened in the summer. The WEB Leaders have really stepped up. Before school even started, they were all here working the 6th-grade orientation. Since then, they have been working on making connections with their 6th-grade groups. They also volunteered their time to help with the elementary track days. We hope to do more in the future but, so far, we have had a great start. Our next step will be to get the WEB Leaders into classrooms to facilitate conversations with all 6th graders about various topics such as social skills, organization, teamwork, and other topics middle school students deal with today. They, along with others, should feel very proud of the work they are doing and how willing they all are to step up and handle different situations.

Tech IQ

Please take a moment to review our monthly tidbits about the effects of electronics on students.

Question: Is there such a thing as video game addiction?

Answer: It depends upon who you ask, but more and more people are saying 'Yes'. 

In 2018, the World Health Organization (WHO) added Gaming Disorder to the ICD-11. While many studies seek to show the benefits of video games (such as those used in the classroom), other studies refer to the release of dopamine while playing video games as the link to possible addiction. Either way, experts say it is best to balance the use of video games with other mind-engaging and physical activities.

For more information on gaming disorders please read the entire WHO report. You can also visit the Video Games Addiction Symptoms and Treatment website for additional information.   

University Middle School Yearbook

Attention, 8th grade parents! The University Middle School yearbook is creating a page of baby pictures for the 8th graders to show how much they have grown. You can send Mrs. Miles a scanned baby picture in JPEG format via email, or bring one to the front office in the middle school. This is a free service to you, so make sure that you get them in by December 20. We will return all baby pictures to the family. Please let Mrs. Miles know if you do not want us to give them to your child. Please make sure that your student’s name and advisor is on the back of the picture. Thank you!