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Middle School Sports

Important Update

All middle school sports and activities are postponed until further notice in accordance with CHSAA guidelines.

We believe that the opportunity to participate in sports is an important part of the total educational experience. Students have the chance to develop a positive self-concept and enjoy a sense of belonging to a team. Winning and losing is part of every person’s life. Participation in sports teaches young people how to win and lose graciously and how to practice good sportsmanship.

Middle School Sports photo gallery

Sports Programs

We offer the following seasonal sports for students in 7th and 8th grades:

  • Fall: Boys basketball, cross country (6th grade also), football, volleyball 
  • Winter: Boys basketball (practice begins on Tuesday, October 18), girls basketball, wrestling (6th grade also)
  • Spring: Brainbowl, track and field

Participation Fees

We assess a $60 per sport/activity fee with a family maximum of $480 for the school year. Please pay sport/activity fees when the sport occurs (fall sports in the fall, spring sports in the spring), prior to the first event. The fee is non-refundable after the first competition. 

If a student participates in more than one sport/activity in the same season, the student’s family is responsible for paying the participation fee for each.


We offer concessions at many of our middle school home sporting events. We encourage parents of our athletes to volunteer at least once during the season. Please sign up to volunteer in concessions. We are happy to provide necessary training.

If you are a middle or high school student who is interested in volunteering in concessions, please contact Garner Agone, Middle School Athletics Director, at You can earn community service by volunteering.

We use the profits from concessions to help purchase equipment and jerseys for the athletes. We are so appreciative to all our parents for their support of our Bulldogs!

Middle School Coaches

Dan Betz
Head Coach Cross Country - 6,7,8

Nelson Trujillo
Head Coach Girls Basketball 8th Grade

Carrie Mutuberria
Assistant Coach Girls Basketball 8th Grade

Kyle Mills
Head Coach Football 7th Grade/
Head Coach Boys Basketball 8th Grade
Assistant Coach Track

Zach Wyn
Assistant Coach Football 7th Grade

John Suhr
Head Coach Football 8th Grade/
Head Coach Boys Basketball 7th Grade

Matthew Mathiason
Assistant Coach Football 7th Grade/
Assistant Coach Boys Basketball 7th Grade

Lanny Ley
Assistant Coach Football 8th Grade

Robert Schuler
Assistant Coach Football

Kerry Breen
Head Coach Volleyball 7th Grade/
Head Coach Girls Basketball 7th Grade/Assistant Coach Boys Basketball 8th Grade

Tara Villarreal
Assistant Coach Girls Basketball 7th Grade

Nicole Boettcher
Head Coach Volleyball 8th Grade

Katrina Yeh
Assistant Coach Volleyball 8th Grade

Samantha Hausman
Assistant Coach Volleyball 7th Grade

Mark Chambers
Head Wrestling Coach

David Folsom
Assistant Coach Wrestling

Ashley Doss
Head Coach Track/Assistant Coach Cross Country

Jared Butler
Assistant Track Coach

Casey Doss
Head Coach Track

Kristy Bauer
Head Brain Bowl Coach

Maggie Miles
Assistant Brain Bowl Coach