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We think the students, staff members, and families of University Schools are pretty great! And if you don’t already know that for yourself, stop by here often where we’ll share the many successes and wonderful experiences of our school community. You’ll also catch important announcements and details about upcoming events that you need to know about.

Access Testing Coming in January

Kindergarten through twelfth-grade students who speak another language besides English at home and identify as English Language Learners (ELL) will be taking the state test for ELLs called Wida Access. The testing begins the week of January 13 and continues through February 14. This test shows us how students are growing in their academic speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills throughout different subject areas in English. Please make sure your student is here during that time in January and February. For questions about this testing, please call Katy Acosta at (970) 506.6814 for grades kindergarten through fifth grade or Shaunna Crust at (970) 506.6901 for sixth through twelfth grades.

High School of Business

Attention, high school parents and students! In January, students at University High School will be choosing classes for the 2020–2021 school year. The high school Business Department has a great opportunity for your student to receive college credit while in high school. The High School of Business™ nationally recognized program developed through MBA Research allows students to take six project-based courses and receive 12 credits at Aims Community College. Also, if a student completes all six classes in the High School of Business program, they can receive an elective three credits for Foundations of Business Thought (BA150) at the University of Northern Colorado. Aims concurrent enrollment credit options give three credits for Principles of Business (BUS115), three credits for Principles of Marketing (MAR216), three credits for Principles of Management (MAN226), and three credits for Business Strategies (MAN226). Students will take these courses on the University Schools campus and not on the Aims campus. BUS115 will transfer to any four year higher education institution. Two additional elective courses can also be taken in wealth management and leadership. These two classes help students learn the basics of personal finance as well as gain leadership skills in project-based learning.

Students will take the six courses in sequence as outlined below (we high suggest two more courses as well). 

Freshman or Sophomore Year:

  • Principles of Business and Business Economics
  • Wealth Management and Leadership are optional additional courses that we highly suggest for freshmen/sophomores

Sophomore or Junior Year:

  • Principles of Management and Principles of Marketing

Junior or Senior Year:

  • Principles of Finance and Business Strategies

University High School is one of only 84 schools in the nation to offer this advanced program. Research has shown that the most desired major in college is business administration, and students will have the advantage going into a college business major having gained experience in project-based learning which develops student’s group planning skills, critical thinking, collaboration, communication skills, decision making, and time management. Students also gain valuable skills that will help them in the workplace.

If your student has an interest in participating in this great program, please have him/her talk to his/her guidance counselor to arrange to take these fantastic project-based courses next school year. If you have any questions, contact JoEll Matthews via email or Jessie Kern via email.

Please join us in congratulating the following University School's students that are among the top business students in the nation!

Fourteen students at University High School scored among the top business students nationwide on rigorous exams to test their business knowledge. The exams are part of the school’s High School of Business™ program, a national accelerated business administration program of MBA Research and Curriculum Center. Approximately 8,000 students from across the nation participated in the program during the 2018–2019 school year.

Receiving top scores were Asher Hebbert, Noah Emmett, Nolan Johnson, Korttney Potter, Luciano Balsamo, Dallas Brown, Francesca Urbina, Daphne Halverson, Mario McNeill, Lexi Bahnsen, Elle Richardson, Alexis Sanchez, and Zach Clark.

Mrs Kern's HS Business class

Mrs. Kern's High School of Business classes also participated in Junior Achievement’s Stock Market Challenge on November 15 at the Drake Center in Fort Collins. One of the five University teams placed second among 32 teams. The second place winners were Carter Gentry, Meilanya Stewart, Sora Gilliam, and Drew Sheffer.

Congratulations to all of these students on their accomplishments!

Accounting Class in 2020–2021 Year

Students at University High School will soon be selecting courses for the 2020–2021 school year. As you begin to discuss with your student the course options available, we would like to let you know about the accounting class we offer at University High School in which your student has the option of receiving three credits from Aims Community College for ACC101 – Fundamentals of Accounting. The accounting course also counts as a math credit at University High School.

Is your student considering a college major or minor in one of the following?

  • Business
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Economics

Or does your student just want to pursue a career after high school?

The accounting course is a year-long course offered at University, taught by University staff, but the curriculum is the same as what the Aims Community College staff are teaching. In the course, the students will learn how to prepare and analyze financial statements of a service business and merchandising business, learn accounting for cash and payroll, and learn the cash and accrual methods of accounting. These concepts are used in any business and will help students in their career understand the basics of the financials of a business. The course will also possibly transfer to four-year higher education institutions, depending on the institution’s requirements.

Please contact JoEll Matthews via email if you have any questions about the course.