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We think the students, staff members, and families of University Schools are pretty great! And if you don’t already know that for yourself, stop by here often where we’ll share the many successes and wonderful experiences of our school community. You’ll also catch important announcements and details about upcoming events that you need to know about.

School Year 2020-2021 Health & Safety

We have received guidance from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) for responding to COVID-19 cases and outbreaks in our schools. This guidance defines when students, faculty/staff, cohorts, or an entire level or building will move between in-person and remote learning. As director and a parent of an incoming kindergartener, I know that this is a daunting thought. I ask that you begin to prepare yourself and your child for the likelihood that there will be various times throughout the year that we will move between in-person and remote learning, most often with very little notice.

As a University family there are many ways that we can work together to keep our community as healthy as possible. We have summarized many of our plans in our Health and Safety document. Personal responsibility will be an important part of our plan and we ask that each of us do our part to keep schools open as long as possible by practicing good hygiene, wearing facial coverings, and social distancing whenever possible. We ask our parents and staff to support our community by having students and staff who are sick stay home.

We are requiring parents to complete a Health Screening Form for their students on a daily basis. The child will not be allowed to attend school unless the health screening form is complete and the student's symptoms comply with requirements. A temperature is required on the form. This requirement will continue until further notice.

FBLA Bulldog Masks!

University Schools FLBA is selling Bulldog masks! One style is an adjustable child's mask and the other is a one size fits all adult make. The price will be $15.00. They will be available for purchase upon the return to school.

Childrens Bulldog masks for sale Adult Bulldog masks for sale