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We think the students, staff members, and families of University Schools are pretty great! And if you don’t already know that for yourself, stop by here often where we’ll share the many successes and wonderful experiences of our school community. You’ll also catch important announcements and details about upcoming events that you need to know about.

Freshman 2020–2021 Advisor Selection Forms

Current eighth-grade students that needed to complete their 2020–2021 Advisor Selection Form have been sent it electronically in their school email. Those students should complete the electronic form by April 10, 2020.


On February 5, 2020, everyone did well at the leadership conference in Greeley! Students who placed first through third will represent University at the state leadership conference at Gaylord of the Rockies in April. 

The following students placed in their events:

  • Abby Aurzada - Digital Video Production - 5th Place
  • Nolan Johnson - Sports & Entertainment Management - 1st Place 
  • Ella Aurzada - Intro to FBLA - 5th Place
  •  Kendree Kern - Broadcast Journalism - 1st Place
  • Lexi Bahnsen - Client Services - 3rd Place
  •  Keylee Kern - Website Design - 2nd Place
  • Anna Bedell - Public Speaking - 3rd Place
  •  Macy Lattimer - Digital Video Production - 5th Place
  • Grace Call - Hospitality Management - 5th Place 
  • Gracy-Anne Long - Healthcare Administration - 2nd Place
  • Zach Clark - Sports & Entertainment Management - 1st Place
  • Katie Maslak - Intro to Business Presentation - 3rd Place & Business Calculations - 2nd Place
  • Jaxon Patten - Public Service Announcement - 2nd Place
  • Claire Fahsholtz - Client Services - 2nd Place
  •  Rylee Reeve - Agribusiness - 5th Place
  • Madisyn Gentry - Broadcast Journalism - 5th Place 
  • Lexi Sanchez - Broadcast Journalism - 1st Place
  • Alexa Golhoffer - Broadcast Journalism - 5th Place
  •  Brad Sorenson - Advertising - 3rd Place
  • Taylor Golhoffer - Broadcast Journalism - 5th Place
  •  Delaney Wieneke - Website Design - 2nd Place
  • Brandon Gomez - Public Service Announcement - 2nd Place 
  • Kenzie Willoughby - Website Design - 2nd Place
  • Kate Halverson - Hospitality Management - 5th Place 
  • Maddie Willoughby - Intro to Business Presentation - 3rd Place
Attention to Parents of Seniors with a Scholarship

Please submit a copy of the scholarship award letter to the counseling office if your child is currently receiving a scholarship. Students who submit information by April 15, 2020, will gain recognition at the May 4, 2020, awards ceremony. Information submitted by April 27, 2020, will gain recognition in the commencement program. Thank you for your help!

Volunteers Needed

We need 30 community volunteers to help with senior board presentations on Monday, April 6, 2020, from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Seniors will submit a portfolio and give a ten-minute presentation about their project. The board will rate the project according to a rubric. We will provide training, and each volunteer will serve on a board made up of teachers and volunteers. Parents are welcome to participate, although parents of seniors will not evaluate their own child’s project. This is a great opportunity for parents of younger students to get an inside view of what their student will experience when he/she becomes a senior. If you can help, please save the date and email Denise Vaardahl.

Attention Woodworkers and Furniture Restorers

The UH Theatre program has a nice antique oval table that is in need of some major repair on the legs. If anyone is willing to invest the time and effort to repair the table, we will gladly donate it to a new home. Please contact Mrs. Pamela Wilhelm, theatre director, at (970) 506-7077 for more information.

Tech IQ

Check out our monthly tidbit about the effects of electronics on students. 

Q: Should students be listening to music while they study or do homework?

A: Yes. An article from the Florida National University supports the use of music while studying. The catch is these studies are on music, not music videos. When listening to music while working, students can reap the benefits of reduced stress, lower test anxiety, improved focus, memory, and overall performance. Listening to classical music and not watching videos can also help students to fall asleep more easily.

We invite you to find out more about these studies on the Benefits of Studying Music page at Florida National University.

Using Professional Transportation Services for Your Student

If you are planning on having a professional service such as Lyft; Uber; or Hop, Skip, and Drive pick-up your elementary or middle school students, we ask that you notify the school prior to the pickup. This allows us to assist your student as they look for their ride and would prevent any confusion by our staff as your student is getting into an unfamiliar vehicle. Your student’s safety continues to be our top priority

University Schools Security Director, Ed Clark

Applications for Enrollment

Starting the 2020–2021 school year, we will no longer be accepting paper applications for student admission. We will be using an online lottery program hosted by District 6, but we will continue to be in charge of our schools’ lottery draws. Please visit the Greeley Schools Online Enrollment System website to open enroll your student. If you have any further questions, please feel free to explore more on our Enrollment page or contact Karoleigh Lauer by phone (970) 576-3901 or email.

Volunteer Today

Are you interested in volunteering at school? Learn more about our new volunteering program by visiting our Volunteer page.