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We think the students, staff members, and families of University Schools are pretty great! And if you don’t already know that for yourself, stop by here often where we’ll share the many successes and wonderful experiences of our school community. You’ll also catch important announcements and details about upcoming events that you need to know about.

FBLA and DECA News

Congratulations to the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) and Distribute Education Clubs of America (DECA) members!

Congratulations to the following FBLA members for placing in their respective events at the district conference:

  • Korttney Potter – 1st place in Public Speaking - State Qualifier
  • Zak Fahsholtz - 3rd place in Accounting II - State Qualifier
  • Grant Thomas - 1st place in Accounting II - State Qualifier
  • Anna Bedell - 3rd place in Journalism - State Qualifier
  • Abby Aurzada - 4th place in Parliamentary Procedure - State Qualifier
  • Phat Ho - 4th place in Introduction to Financial Math - State Qualifier
  • Brad Sorenson - 4th place in Advertising - State Qualifier
  • Bella Urbina - 3rd place in Economics - State Qualifier
  • Asher Hebbert - 2nd place in Introduction to Business - State Qualifier
  • Nolan Johnson - 1st place in Business Procedures - State Qualifier
  • Keylee Kern, Mackenzie Willoughby, Delaney Wieneke - 2nd place in Social Media Campaign - State Qualifiers
  • Taylor Golhoffer and Lexi Sanchez - 3rd place in Broadcast Journalism - State Qualifiers
  • Nolan Johnson and Zack Clark - 3rd place in Sports and Entertainment Management - State Qualifiers
  • Madisyn Gentry and Bella Urbina - 4th place in Emerging Business Issues
  • Anna Bedell, Phat Ho, Rylee Reeve - 4th place in Graphic Design
  • Mason Ewing - 5th place in Journalism
  • Keylee Kern - 5th place in Spreadsheet Applications
  • Claire Fahsholtz, Asher Hebbert, Abby Aurzada - 5th place in Entrepreneurship

Congratulations to the following members for qualifying for state at the DECA District Conference:

  • Rylee Reeve and Anna Bedell - Hospitality Services Team Decision-Making
  • Daphne Halverson and Peyton Eitemiller - Startup Business Plan Written Event
  • Korttney Potter and Madysen Gilpin - Community Service Project Written Event 

Blended Learning at University Schools

Thank you to those who participated in the Blended Learning survey. University Schools received many responses. This article is written by Angela Vanderbloom, instructional coach for mathematics K-12 in an effort to answer the questions noted regarding Blended Learning at University Schools.

What is Blended Learning?
Blended Learning includes students learning in part online and having an element of control over where, when and how they work. Devices are used to provide opportunities for personalization and classrooms fundamentally shift instruction in a way that provides an integrated learning experience.

Blended Learning excludes students using technology to do the same work at the same place, time and pace. Devices are used to support traditional instruction and classrooms may enhance traditional learning experiences.

What does Blended Learning look like?
Within a Blended Learning classroom, the classroom teacher is responsible for providing the instruction and support throughout the lesson. A typical blended learning mathematics lesson begins with the curriculum’s lesson(s) in which the teacher is providing the learning opportunities. Following whole class instruction, students rotate and participate in various station activities related to that lesson(s). One station is specifically designed for further teacher instruction and support.

Why Blended Learning?
For more than 120 years, University Schools has demonstrated our commitment to provide students with an innovative and pioneering model of education.  It is University Schools’ tradition to develop better ways to teach students. Blended Learning supports the heart of University Schools. 

How is Blended Learning Being Implemented?
Blended Learning is currently being implemented within second through eighth grade mathematics classrooms by utilizing the station rotation model. DreamBox is the online mathematics program chosen to implement within classrooms’ station rotations.

Why DreamBox?
DreamBox supports our vision and philosophy by providing learner-centered lessons that allow students to become self-directed through personalized experiences.  Every lesson adapts to each individual students’ actions in order to meet them at the right level promoting their student decision-making and strategy development.  

DreamBox is designed to complement classroom instruction. DreamBox lessons align and support the Elementary and Middle School curriculum by promoting deeper conceptual understanding and encouraging different pathways to solve problems.

Why Utilize the Station Rotation Model?
The Station Rotation Model provides teachers with the opportunity to evolve from the traditional approach of “teacher-centered” to one in which they are “student-centered” and which helps guide students’ learning as they engage in various activities. These activities may include software (DreamBox), small group learning sessions, intervention/enrichment learning one-on-one as needed, etc. 

What are the Next Steps for Blended Learning Implementation? 
At this time, University Schools Blended Learning will continue within the mathematics classrooms and the use of DreamBox will continue with support.

University Schools is continuing to collaborate with our Blended Learning consultant. The next steps include University Schools receiving thought leadership support for our current implementation of Blended Learning. This support may include solidifying our vision of Blended Learning, determining our expectations of Blended Learning, and continuing to provide teachers with Blended Learning support and professional development. 

Sports Equipment Donations Welcome - Senior Project

A senior project is something all seniors must do as a way of giving back to the community. For my senior project, I am collecting new or gently used sports equipment donations including balls, gloves, shoes, etc. All of these donations will be going to foster children. If you would like to donate something to the children, there will be boxes in the high school’s front office, as well as outside the middle school gym during school basketball games.

Koy Jorgensen

Volunteers Needed - Early Request

We need 30 community volunteers to help with senior board presentations on Monday, April 8 from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. Seniors will submit a portfolio and give a ten minute presentation about their project. The board will rate the project according to a rubric. We will provide training, and each volunteer will serve on a board made up of teachers and volunteers. Parents are welcome to participate, although parents of seniors will not evaluate their own child’s project. This is a great opportunity for parents of younger students to get an inside view of what their student will experience when he/she becomes a senior. If you can help, please save the date, email Denise Vaardahl at, and put “Senior Boards” in the subject line. Thank you!