University Schools

Who We Are

University Schools (US) is a K–12 public charter school located in Greeley School District 6. For more than 120 years, we have demonstrated our commitment and tradition to provide our students an innovative and pioneering model of education.


University Schools will prepare students emotionally and educationally for learning, leading, and caring citizenship in their academic, social, and civic communities.


University Schools envisions a caring and supportive environment where students become self-directed through personalized experiences. Students, teachers, and parents cooperate to develop autonomous learning in the learner-centered school.


Within a nurturing, learner-centered environment, we provide all students the opportunity to reach their full potential by offering many unique learning opportunities. Here we encourage our students to initiate and pursue topics, projects, and activities that interest them. Students also explore the world beyond school including higher education opportunities, careers, work, and their community. We believe that these experiences help enhance quality of life as they develop productive and healthy habits.

Our History

Since our humble beginnings in 1891 in a basement room next to a coal-fired heating plant, one teacher and 40 students began our legacy of education. Through implementation of innovative teaching techniques, we have gained a reputation as progressive educators and created a laboratory for pedagogical ideas combined with new content sequences from various fields of study.

For over a century, we have fostered an educational environment centered on teacher-student interaction combined with the presentation of challenging academic content as well as an array of student activities. Our methods have served as a model for schools across the globe.

We are proud of our contributions to education, which include:

  • First kindergarten in Colorado (1892)
  • First high school to offer a driver’s education program
  • First middle school west of the Mississippi
  • First field-testing site for BSCS Biology and Chemistry Study and pilot of the Houghton Mifflin Reading program.
  • A model school lunch program
  • First school in the nation to implement a block schedule
  • First school to integrate the acoustically handicapped (we continue to stand as a national model in this area)