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Don’t miss out on the memories! Yearbooks are available for high school, middle school, and elementary school.

High School - Yearbook Ordering and Information

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Baby Ad 
Create and purchase a congratulations ad for your graduate! We contract out the senior recognition ads (baby ads) to The Yearbook Company. Find University High School under "University Schools".

  • Early bird deadline is October 20.
  • Final deadline for baby ads is November 17.
  • University's yearbook staff does not personally handle baby ads.
  • Please read the FAQs at The Yearbook Company website. If you have any further questions regarding baby ads, you can use the 'Contact' tab on their website.
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Senior Photo Upload
Use the button below to upload your senior photo! We can only use high quality, vertical, original photos. Please note that the deadline to upload your senior photo is on Sunday, November 1, 2020.

  • You do not need a password to access this page. If the site is asking for a password, refresh the page and try the link again.
  • Please only submit high-quality original photos in vertical orientation. (high quality means  straight from your photographer or straight off of the camera).
  • No screenshots or photos pulled from social media sites, please! They are automatically compressed and too small to use in the yearbook.
  • We cannot accept horizontally-oriented photographs  as they will be subject to cropping.
  • You will receive a confirmation email that the photo you uploaded was successfully submitted. Please do not contact Rachel Weigle, the high school yearbook advisor, to make sure we received your student's photo. If your photo is not received, you will be personally contacted by Mrs. Weigle on November 1.
  • We will not accept hard copy photos brought to school. If you did not receive digital copies, please contact your photographer to request them.

We reserve the right to refuse your images if they are inappropriate, so please use good judgment with your submissions. Photos must be school appropriate and not overly-revealing. We will not accept any over-exposure of any kind for any gender. If your child's photo is not accepted for any of the aforementioned reasons, we will contact you and your child with the reasoning for such and will give you the opportunity to re-submit a photograph.

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Replay It 
Parents and students can upload photos that we can use in our yearbook.

Senior Quotes
The submission deadline for senior quotes is November 1. Please make sure you read your child's quote before he/she submits it. We will only accept school-appropriate and tasteful quotes. If the administration does not accept a quote, we will give the student the opportunity to submit a new quote. Please remind your children to use their best judgement, as many will look back upon this book for years to come.

Middle School - Yearbook Ordering and Information

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Parents can order a middle school yearbook by either ordering online (see above) or by sending payment (please note your child's name with the payment) to the middle school office. To check on the yearbook cost, please contact the middle school office at (970) 576-3900, ext. 2.

8th Grade Parents: The UMS yearbook creates a page in the yearbook of baby pictures for the 8th graders to show how much they have grown. From the beginning of the school year through December, parents can send Mrs. Miles a scanned baby picture by email or bring one to the front office in the middle school. This is a free service to you so make sure that you get them in before winter break. All baby pictures will be returned to the family. Please let Mrs. Miles know if you do not want us to give the picture to your child. Please make sure that your student’s name and advisor is on the back of the picture. 

Elementary - Yearbook Ordering and Information

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