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A Message From Our New Director

Dear University Schools Families and Friends:

This month I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude for the warm welcome I have received and the unending patience and grace our school community has displayed as we have navigated the last month together. I know it has been unusual to begin to build a trusting relationship with a new Director primarily through phone, email and waves from the parking lot. Maybe because of those circumstances I have had the opportunity to build relationships one person at time (of course with the awkwardness of a mask on, 6 feet away and for less than 15 minutes at a time) and you all have been more intentional about reaching out to me to share your celebrations, fears and questions. Each day I feel more connected to the Bulldog family and see daily examples of the commitment faculty, staff, students and families display to our school.

I would also like to express my pride for our school providing options for families to learn safely in both remote and in-person settings. There are not many schools in the state or the country that were able to accept the challenge of offering in person learning.  University Schools is only able to meet this challenge because of the amazing teamwork of our entire Bulldog community. I would also like to recognize the dedication and creativity that has been shown by coaches and sponsors, students and families as we work to provide extracurricular opportunities. Teams and clubs are going above and beyond to be sure that these activities can continue to make progress while keeping everyone safe.

As we move forward let’s continue to hold each other to high standards in following all necessary health and safety protocols, prioritizing our mental health and wellness and demonstrating a deep commitment to teaching and learning. Thank you for choosing University Schools!

Jennifer Weaver

Jennifer Weaver, Director

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As a reminder, all devices sent home with University Schools students are subject to the school web content filter.

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