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A Message From Our New Director

Dear University Schools Families and Friends:

It is almost impossible to believe it will soon be November. As we worked hard on developing a reopening plan this summer, one of our biggest concerns was that all our planning would be for naught, and we would be forced to quickly move to full time remote learning. I am so proud and appreciative that we are heading into November still in person and looking for opportunities to return to more normal practices each day.

I hope that November will provide opportunities for all of us to take a moment to practice mindfulness through gratitude. Research has found that practicing gratitude can begin to shift your perspective from pessimism to optimism. Taking some time to express appreciation and gratitude can help yourself and others through these challenging times. You might do so through personal journaling (e.g., writing three things you’re grateful for each morning upon waking, or each evening before sleeping), writing gratitude letters (to friends, colleagues, family, students), speaking your appreciation (calling friends, colleagues, families, students), posting on social media, and so on.

Many districts have managed the pandemic by investing in things like temperature kiosks and online learning platforms and curriculum to teach students. At University, we have managed through people and relationships. We have asked our whole school community to take personal responsibility for helping to ensure our safety, work together to make in-person and remote learning a reality, and rely on each other to support our mental health, to name a few. I know this has not been easy for any member of our school community: parents, students, faculty, or staff. However, every group has risen to the challenge and I am grateful.

I would encourage you to take opportunities during the next month to show support for the people that have helped make returning to school possible. You may never know how much a small gift card, treat, kind email, or even a morning wave and smile mean to the people who receive them. I know our teachers and support staff are experts at appearing like ducks, calm on the surface and paddling like crazy underneath, but don’t let their calm fool you. They are working extremely hard this year and deserve any amount of gratitude you can show them.

Thank you for your continued support and, as always, thank you for choosing University Schools.

Jennifer Weaver

Jennifer Weaver, Director

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