• Counseling

    University Schools adheres to the philosophy that the school counseling program is a fundamental part of the total educational process. We built our program on the belief that academic, career, civic, and personal goals are attainable for all students when we integrate it into the total educational experience.

    Middle and High School

    We offer individual support on an as needed basis. Reasons to see the school counselor could include academic planning, relationships, planning for your future, family issues, problems with other students, and finding community resources to help with a variety of needs.

    Amanda Hahn
    Middle School Counselor
    (970) 506-7074

    Vanessa Njos
    Middle School Counselor
    (970) 576-3905

    Hailey Swanbom
    High School Counselor 
    (970) 506-7078

    Virtual Appointments

    UHS students can now schedule a virtual appointment with their counselor:

    Hailey Swanbom

    Vanessa Njos & Amanda Hahn