• High School Advising 

    The University Schools advisement program is one of the most important ways through which students develop feelings of belonging in the school community. We are unique in that we provide our students the opportunity for daily contact with an advisor. The objectives of our advisement program include:

    Academic development of the student
    Affective development of the student
    Advocacy for the student

    Program Components

    Our advising groups meet Tuesday through Friday for 30 minutes each day. Students who participate in the peer advisor program receive a grade Credit/No Credit (S/U), for .2 credits per trimester.

    The advisor serves as a mentor
    The advisor assists in the development of portfolios and Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP)
    The advisor monitors the student's academic progress
    The advisor communicates the progress of students to parents
    Provides opportunities for peer tutoring
    Encourages students to explore a wide variety of learning experiences
    Teaches and reinforces organizational skills, goal setting, and career planning
    The advisor assists students in completing requirements for graduation
    Provides activities that develop and reinforce appropriate social skills
    Provides a supportive and safe environment
    Develops the members into a strong support system for each other and encourages personal communications and experiences that lead to respect for and acceptance of diversity in others